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Godzone Adventure Race

It is our absolute pleasure to be a sponsor of cajapples_ar - a team of amazing athletes competing in the Godzone Adventure Race next year. Follow them on instagram and read all about it - they are currently training like mad and we are following them every step of the way.

We can't wait to bring you updates and pics - they truly are inspirational.

Out of the big smoke of Ettrick Otago, @caj_apples has been owned and run since 1960 by the van der Voort family. This locally run orchard company provides fresh fruit and jobs to thousands of people all over the world.

It’s because of these guys that we are able to embark on this amazing journey towards @godzonepure 2023.

Please go over to their FB, Instagram and website ( to find out the history, process, job opportunities and many more that this business provides.👌🍎

Thank you @caj_apples

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