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We grow 11 varieties of apples across our seven Central Otago orchards and proudly export to over 60 countries.



Koru apples are sweet, juicy, taste of vanilla and spice and pack a big crunch! The Koru apple is slow to brown, making it the perfect apple for snacking, baking, or cooked in your favourite recipes.



Bright red with vibrant, glossy skin, Dazzle apples are packed full of juicy flavour with deliciously sweet, bright white flesh and a watermelon like crunch.


Granny Smith

The striking, bright green skin of the New Zealand Granny Smith hints at the deliciously thirst-quenching flesh within. New Zealand Granny Smith, characterised by its crunchy, crisp and moderately sweet flesh, is certainly a favourite for most.


Red Delicious

An appealing dark red, striped apple which is very popular in southern Europe. A crisp texture and sweet, distinctive flavour make this variety a favourite with all tastes.



An attractive, partially red coloured striped variety developed in New Zealand. This large sized apple has become the major NZ export variety to Europe. Braeburn’s consistently crisp, juicy flesh and clean sweet-tart flavour help make it such a popular choice.



Fuji is a large, rosy pink blush apple. It has an exceptional sweet flavour and a hard and crisp flesh, which gives a very enjoyable taste.


Royal Gala

A red sport of the Gala family, this variety can be distinguished by its bold, red striped appearance. With thin skin and crisp sweet flesh, Royal Gala is a very special dessert apple. Its outstanding appearance and eating qualities have made Royal Gala one of the world's premium varieties.


Pacific Rose

A large sized new variety developed in and unique to New Zealand with a pink to red block colour. Creamy coloured, firm, fine textured very crisp and juicy flesh.



Jazz is a firm, crispy apple with an orange-red striped coloration. A cross of Gala and Braeburn cultivated in New Zealand. It has a sweet taste with an acid zing.


Pacific Queen

Pacific Queen is darker red in colour than a Pacific Rose and provides a sweet, crisp inner flesh. This apple is often compared to the Fuji in flavour and is good for eating out of hand or for use in fruit salads.


Cox's Orange

An early season dessert apple with red blush and stripes on a light yellow background. Delicate and very crisp flesh with an aromatic flavour has turned Cox Orange into a very popular dessert apple.

NZ apple industry

leads the World


The World Apple Review has for the fourth year running named New Zealand’s apple industry the most competitive on the global stage, against 33 major apple growing countries.


The US based world fruit market analysts, the World Apple Review, stated that the innovations emerging from New Zealand’s apple industry will increasingly impact production and marketing throughout the world.


New Zealand’s high productivity gains helped deliver the outstanding performance, ahead of its closest rivals Chile and the United States.


Being named the best in the world is a huge honour and signaled the major significance New Zealand has on shaping and leading the industry on the world stage and we are proud to be a part of that leading innovation.


The world leading ranking comes as a huge reward to New Zealand’s $850 million apple industry. This also recognises the efforts of the thousands of Kiwis working across the sector.


To earn and retain this world leading title year on year is an outstanding achievement, and rewards everyone who is part of New Zealand’s exciting and dynamic apple industry. This is an incredibly exciting time for our apple industry, together we are growing great people and the best apples for the world.


Our world leading achievements reflect New Zealand’s apple industry’s ongoing investment and commitment to leading and adopting great innovation, research and development, new technologies, and environmental and social sustainability.


The World Apple Review highlighted that given New Zealand’s relatively small size, export orientation and distance from major markets, the industry had long relied heavily on innovation to provide it with a competitive edge.


It had been the leader in popularising Gala and Fuji, pioneered the first true club variety Jazz, developed and produced a stream of new varieties Pacific Rose, Envy, Smitten and Koru.


In ranking the 33 countries, the World Apple Review compares production efficiency, infrastructure, inputs, financial and market data. New Zealand was the best performer when all three rankings were combined.


According to the World Apple Review, over the past two seasons, New Zealand’s top performance, through exploiting new growing strategies and technologies produced over two and half times the average yield per hectare compared with the rest of world’s apple growing countries.


In general, off-season exporting countries like New Zealand had been forced to continually upgrade production systems to meet growing demands from the Northern Hemisphere. For almost three decades, much of the innovation in apple varieties has emanated from New Zealand, as the country has sought to offset its geographic disadvantage in accessing world markets.


The report stated that probably the single, most significant measure of innovation in a country’s orchards is the percentage of new varieties in production. It specifically highlighted how New Zealand was still actively searching for newer apple varieties to remain ahead of the field.


The bottom line on competitiveness, is that it is a moving target continually moving upwards.

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