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horticulture careers

Don’t be fooled into thinking horticultural work is purely seasonal


It is a very varied field. Growing, pruning, picking, packing, marketing, logistics, automations, science, training, leadership, audit, quality control, operating machinery, truck, forklift & tractor driving – HortNZ has all the information you need. Check our FAQ and Jobs pages for more info on what we do here and where you could find a place to live here in the Teviot Valley - as well as some of the amazing leisure activities. Placed right in the middle between Dunedin and Queenstown shopping and nightlife are just an hour and a half away. As an added bonus MSD offer a lot of assistance to anyone wanting to get started in the horticultural industry.   Find out more here

GoHort NZ - YouTube

Learning Engine: Go Hort Career Seeker (


and NZ Apples & Pears provide training for Food Safety, Fruit Inspector training and a lot more


Study at Polytechs around the country or online with the Open Polytech or a range of other facilities and universities.

The University degree you already have can jump start you into a career in the horticulture industry too.


Meet Thomas and Renee – both work with us at CAJ Apples – two different stories in the same industry.

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