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Orchard Worker

Seasonal Position

Pruning May-August
Thinning November-February
Harvest March-May


Reports to Orchard Manager

Position involves working in the orchard pruning, harvesting (picking), tree training, use of orchard vehicles and implements (e.g. sprayers) and working with hazardous substances. This will involve working with ladders.

Due to the nature of the apple thinning/harvest/pruning season, expectations are that employees are expected to meet or exceed a certain work output.

This means that (after training) the employee must be able to meet the equivalent work tally of the piece rate workers. Depending on the activity (whether thinning, pruning, harvesting or tree training) this varies from variety to variety.

Reporting maintenance and safety issues of the equipment you are using, be it tractor, sprayer or implement and do not do anything that may compromise the safety of yourself , your co - workers, those around you or the quality of the crop we are growing.

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